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Picture of By Catherine St. Marie

By Catherine St. Marie

Catherine St. Marie helps direct volunteer activities on the Big Wave Farm.

What’s Happening at the Big Wave Farm?

Despite being unable to host our usual generous and hardworking volunteer teams from local universities, nonprofits, and corporations, our skeleton crew of essential workers has been working hard to prepare the land for a busy and productive summer! The farm team planted 50 tomato plants and more than 400 squash seeds out in the field. Other seeds that have been planted are carrot, beet, lettuce, beans, cucumbers, onions, and greens. Currently, our blueberry bushes are covered in ripening berries and our strawberry plants have many flowers that will turn to berries. Our artichoke plants have many green artichoke globes popping up above the silver foliage.  In addition, we are updating our irrigation capabilities on the property. Hopefully, with new irrigation parts, we will be able to boost our production. We anticipate a yummy and fruitful summer!


The chickens have a beautiful new chicken pen!  A big thanks to a family who donated 2 days of work to erect this sturdy structure. The chickens are excited to move into their new space! The chickens are happy and healthy. Egg production is at its peak with 2 and half dozen eggs collected daily. 


Our beekeepers have been buzzing with excitement!   The queens are taking care of business and laying eggs; the number of bees and hives have tripled because of their hard work. The worker bees are just as productive; they are already filling frames up with honey.

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