Big Wave Project residence for adults with disabilities community courtyard
Big Wave Project residence for adults with disabilities community courtyard

Lifelong housing for adults with special needs

We are creating a safe, integrated and vibrant community where Bay Area adults with disabilities can live a life of purpose and individual choice. Located on 6.9 acres of land on the California coast, the Big Wave campus will provide housing for San Mateo County adults with special needs from all over the Bay Area.  The campus is just five miles north of Half Moon Bay, California, in Princeton Harbor, and will include a residence with apartments of various sizes, an outdoor courtyard for leisure and community activities, as well as the current Big Wave Farm.
Big Wave resident with special needs with his father

In addition to their private apartments, residents will be able to gather in a variety of indoor and outdoor communal spaces designed for dining, celebrations, impromptu social interactions, and enrichment activities such as art, sports, reading, quiet time, exercise, dance, music and movies.

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A place to live…and a place to thrive

Consistent with a supported living model, residents may choose their own daily schedules…from attending a day program to engaging in volunteering, performing a full or part-time job, or enjoying recreational pursuits, on or off the Big Wave campus. They can learn to grow their own food, gain gardening and nutrition skills, and care for chickens on the Big Wave Farm.

Big Wave plans to organize social outings and activities, and has a close relationship with organized sports for special needs, including basketball, swimming and softball.  There are also many coastal opportunities for nearby beach hikes, exploring and accessing tide pools.

For transportation, Redicoast and Redi-wheels are special transportation services offered by San Mateo County Transit District to meet the needs of the mobility impaired in San Mateo County, and they cover the coast.  There are also public bus routes that run from Airport Street into Half Moon Bay and local communities, with transfer options.

Residents can take advantage of the variety of independent living choices at Big Wave as well as the larger community, consistent with our founding principles.

It takes a village

The Bay Area non-profit One Step Beyond will be occupying a space on the ground floor of the Big Wave residence as a tenant, providing an on-site day program and culinary academy which will serve adults with special needs from all over the Bay Area.  Residents can choose to participate, or spend the day engaging in activities of their choice.

This parent-driven project works in partnership with the Big Wave Community Cooperative, a housing cooperative composed of parents, guardians and future residents, to help provide lifelong guidance and oversight.  Family involvement is a cornerstone of Big Wave.  We strongly encourage any family interested in becoming a member to participate in Big Wave volunteerism and activities, such as the Big Wave Farm.

Learn more about how to apply for membership.

Big Wave resident with special needs and his mother
Big Wave community residence for adults with special needs