Big Wave Project team members
Big Wave Project team members

Local businesses with heart

Big Wave works closely with the community to encourage participation from many organizations, from small businesses to large corporations.  This fall, 40 volunteers from the Bay Area Ernst & Young offices joined us on the farm to help build our 3,000 foot long biofence, in preparation for the construction of our main residence.  They also helped to build a new shed on the Big Wave Farm, to house lavender, herbs and produce that are packaged and sold to the local community.

One Step Beyond, Inc.

The One Step Beyond Culinary Academy and Catering Company

Big Wave is excited to welcome One Step Beyond to be a primary tenant on the ground floor of our main residence.  One Step Beyond will provide an on-site day program and culinary academy in which residents can choose to participate. One Step Beyond will train special needs adults from all over the Bay Area, so they can gain employment in restaurant industry opportunities. One Step Beyond is an experienced life skills and employment training program, with an existing A-rated culinary academy serving adults with intellectual disabilities in California and Arizona. They will also provide catering services to the local community.

The Culinary Academy

The Academy’s purpose begins with teaching basic home-style cooking to adults with special needs, including sanitary food handling, safe use of kitchen equipment and appliances, and nutrition and meal planning.

One Step Beyond will provide a professional educational program for adults with special needs who are interested in acquiring the skills and experience for employment in the culinary industry.

Graduates of the One Step Beyond Culinary Academy will then work under the direction of a professional chef to serve both the residents and the community in our catering kitchen and to seek employment opportunities in commercial kitchens.





Catering for the Community

One Step Beyond will also be available to cater business meetings, parties, and other social events, and all food will be catered with love.


The One Step Beyond Culinary Academy is now taking applications for head chefs and managers to run our programs.

Contact Madison Blanton at for information.

Sammy’s Place Café

Need a delicious breakfast bite served with love? Or lunch on the run? Sammy’s Place Café is just the spot. The café was inspired by Sammy, a local young man with special needs whose parents own Sam’s Chowder House in Half Moon Bay. Sammy’s Place Café will have an entirely new menu.

The café will be located near the culinary academy, and will provide employment for some of the Big Wave residents, as well as some of their meals.

Breakfast items such as muffins, pastries, bagels, granola, coffee, and juices will be available for the local community, and tenants of the nearby business offices. A grab-n-go will offer delicious soups, farm fresh salads, and sandwiches for lunch time. Gluten free options will also be available.

Just like the restaurant, we expect Sammy’s Place Café to be loved for its delicious food, cozy atmosphere, and big heart. Sammy’s Place Café is expected to open in the Winter 2024. Stay tuned!

Environmentally Friendly

Big Wave has completed an eight-year, 6000 page, peer-reviewed environmental impact report, which was reviewed and approved by the County of San Mateo and the California Coastal Commission. Both of these critical agencies deemed the project posed no substantial environmental impacts.

Big Wave has attended 34 public hearings during which the environmental impacts of the Big Wave project were discussed.

Environmental Benefits

  • Some of the food grown on the farm will feed the residents.
  • Big Wave has begun a bee restoration program on its property.
  • Big Wave’s chickens are all free range.
  • We have achieved LEED certification.

• Much of the food grown on the farm will feed the residents.

• Big Wave has begun a bee restoration program on its property.

• We will provide local jobs, which will reduce the traffic during rush hour and cut back on carbon emissions.

• Big Wave’s chickens are all free range.

• We have achieved LEED certification.

• We should see a reduction in air pollution through reduced commuting miles for Coastside residents.

• We should see a reduction in traffic congestion during commute hours on Highways 1 and 92.

If you have any questions about this project, please contact Big Wave.