The Big Wave Farm supports adults with special needs in using their gifts and improving their abilities while integrating with the local community. The farm operates under the Big Wave Group nonprofit. We support individuals with disabilities in planning, planting, growing, maintaining, harvesting, and creating produce, eggs, and herbal products for their use and for sale. All products are cared for in a sustainable manner, using organic sources and natural methods.

The Farm…a place to grow

Located on over five acres of historic farmland in Princeton Harbor, the Big Wave Farm is a place to grow produce, flowers, herbs, and friendships. It’s an outdoor expanse with few boundaries, space to roam, and fresh ocean breezes.

Here, individuals with and without disabilities can learn to plant, grow, maintain and harvest farm goods that are later turned into products and sold to the local community. Visitors can help care for our chickens and learn how to grow their own food while learning vocational and job skills. At the Farm, all of our products are created in a sustainable manner using organic practices and natural methods.

Joey on the Farm 2
Farm Day volunteers working in garden boxes
picking oregano in Big Wave Farm herb garden

Farm Days…where the community gathers

Our volunteer-driven farm is a space where people of all abilities join together — from future Big Wave residents to adults with special needs from all over the Bay Area, to neighbors, friends and the greater Bay Area community.

On the third Saturday of each month we hold Farm Days, where volunteers learn gardening skills, gain nutritional guidance, and learn about the environment. They help us with projects ranging from the construction of trellises and chicken coops to planting and harvesting fruits and vegetables, and learning about the benefits of a sustainable garden and farm.

Big Wave also hosts visitors and volunteers from nearby schools, colleges, and local corporations to experience the farm, such as Ernst & Young, Google, Stanford, Visa, Foothill College, National Charity League, Sares Regis, Girl Scouts, and many other Bay Area organizations.

Hosting Bay Area special needs day programs

The Big Wave Farm serves multiple Day Programs, which are community-based programs for individuals with disabilities, served by county regional centers in California. They visit and work with us on a regular schedule, helping to plant vegetables, flowers and lavender, harvest strawberries, start seeds in the greenhouse, prepare beds for planting, and participate in chicken duties.

These programs bring hundreds of daily participants with special needs each month to the Big Wave Farm. Farm educators teach them gardening, science and life skills and prepare them for employment, using a seasonal garden and nutrition curriculum created by a special education teacher.

For example, volunteers might turn over compost, fill raised beds with fresh, organic farm compost or help us weed, plant, and strip herbs and lavender. Some volunteers help fill lavender sachets with dried lavender for sale later at the community market. They might learn about the lifecycle of the pumpkin, carve a pumpkin to experience pumpkins with their four senses, and later taste pumpkin seeds.

Big Wave residents at the Farm caring for chickens
moving farm compost with wheelbarrow

Supported by micro-businesses

Farm-based micro businesses help support the farm and will soon provide internships and employment opportunities for people with disabilities. Each month we sell our products at the local community market, from lavender teas to farm fresh eggs and herbal salts. During the summer months, periodically we open our farm stand and sell our products directly to the community (follow our social media channels for news about this). Volunteers and future residents receive vocational training and nutritional guidance and learn new job skills while having fun.

Our farm is important to the Bay Area special needs community, and we appreciate volunteers and donations to help support our efforts.

Dig in, and learn more about how to volunteer on the Big Wave Farm!

Come visit us and pick up some fresh produce and eggs!

free range chickens at Big Wave Farm

More than five acres
are dedicated to farming and
daily garden activity.