Providing community for adults with special needs:

We are parents of adult children with special needs who are creating a unique community on the Half Moon Bay coast, providing homes for our children and their peers.​

Through Big Wave, local adults with special needs will now be able to live independently, close to family and friends on the coast.

Empowering our residents to reach their full potential.

Our residents continue to grow around the Big Wave Farm, a pesticide-free project that sells fresh eggs and produce to Coastside neighborhoods. Working with our land in an ecologically-friendly way is part of our history and demonstrates our love and commitment to the Half Moon Bay coast and its natural resources.

At Big Wave, we care about our community. We see our coastal land as healing and caring, as a place where adults with special needs come to connect and grow.  

So much to offer our coastal community.

From organizing a local basketball team to growing food on a pesticide-free farm, Big Wave offers community, expertise, and belonging for adults with special needs.

We provide the venue for partnering with organizations that have a proven record of innovative programs. These programs incorporate vocational, residential, and emotional support in a comprehensive and nurturing environment to help each person achieve new skills and confidence, ensuring local families the best chance of success for their adult children.

What our community is saying about Big Wave...