The Big Wave Community Cooperative

The Big Wave Community Cooperative is in the final planning stages of creating a unique independent living community for adults with developmental disabilities on the Half Moon Bay coast, close to friends and family in the area. It uses a family cooperative housing model.  We strongly encourage any family interested in becoming a member to participate in Big Wave activities, including volunteering on the Big Wave Farm (once Covid-19 restrictions have passed) or other upcoming activities.

Residents may choose to have their own apartment.  The residents with housemates will share a kitchen and living room.  The spacious first floor will integrate housing, a gathering space, kitchen, dining room, exercise studio and a media room, spaces where residents can gather for social experiences and meals and a library for quiet time.

The very large community space will be on the first floor, which integrates a gathering space, kitchen, dining room, exercise studio and a media room, spaces where residents can gather for social experiences and meals and a library for quiet time.

Our residents can take advantage of the variety of employment and independent living choices at Big Wave as well as the larger community.  Each resident will be able to pursue their own community integration activities based on their individual choices.

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These are some of the enriching opportunities that will be available to the residents:

The farm is a place where residents can learn to grow their own food and care for the Big Wave chickens. There will be opportunities to learn gardening skills and participate in nutritional education.

One Step Beyond will be renting space for an on-site day program and culinary academy. Residents may also choose to attend an off-site day program of their choice, but will need to arrange for transportation. Big Wave has ongoing relationships with other programs. These include AbilityPath, Kainos, Hope Services, Parca and others.

Sammy’s Place Café will be an onsite café where residents can enjoy a meal with their family and friends. It may also provide employment opportunities for the residents. It will be open to the public.

Other Businesses

The first floor space will include other businesses and possibly more at a future adjacent business park. These businesses may provide employment opportunities for the residents with easy access to their apartments.


Redi-coast and Redi-wheels will be available for transportation to and from Big Wave. There are also public bus routes that run from Airport Street into Half Moon Bay and local communities with transfer options.

Overnight Supervision and Support

It will be a goal to have an overnight manager on site, but the residents and their families, along with support agencies, will be responsible for putting their own daily and overnight supports into place as deemed necessary for each individual.

Social Activities and Outings

Big Wave plans to organize social activities and outings, according to the residents’ wishes and spaces within the community for exercise, quiet time and music. Big Wave has a close relationship with organized sports for the disabled, including basketball, swimming and softball and there are plenty of opportunities for nearby beach hikes and accessing tide pools.

Big Wave Community Founding Principles

  • Celebrate and support adults with disabilities in an independent living facility.
  • Encourage active resident involvement in their home, neighborhood and surrounding communities.
  • Utilize a design that addresses independence and safety.
  • Nurture high-value relationships between residents, families and support staff.


In order to qualify for residency at the Big Wave Community applicants must satisfy the following requirements:

  1. Be 18 years of age or older – those under 18 may respond now. They may be able to buy in now and rent their unit to others until they become age appropriate for residence or they can be added to a waiting list.
  2. Have a preference to live in a cooperative community designed for persons with developmental disabilities
  3. Have public or private support and services in place or be prepared to arrange for them
  4. Have strong independent living skills with proper supports and a desire for community-integrated employment as their skills allow
  5. Have resources (or a guarantor) to pay for all current and future Big Wave required costs and personal expenses
  6. Understand that as we are utilizing a family cooperative model, family participation at Big Wave will be expected and highly valued
  7. Not present an unmanageable risk to themselves or others
  8. Not have a criminal record that may adversely affect the health or safety of others

The Big Wave Community Cooperative Board of Directors will review qualified individuals and make the final decisions for membership.

Please complete our Statement of Interest Form and we will contact you.