Skills, purpose, and independence

Big Wave is excited to welcome the non-profit One Step Beyond, Inc. (OSBI) as the primary tenant operating our commercial kitchen on the ground floor of our main residence.  OSBI currently runs an A-rated Life-Skills Culinary Program as well as a Catering Program in Arizona and California for adults with special needs.  OSBI is contracted with the Department of Economic Security: Division of Developmental Disabilities in Arizona, and Golden Gate Regional Center, and also offers Day Programs for adults with special needs.

young woman in culinary program
residents make and deliver catered meals

OSBI will be bringing its Life-Skills Culinary Program and Catering Program to Big Wave, and will also provide catering services to the local community.  These programs teach students to learn the necessary cooking skills for independent living, with the option to progress to OSBI’s catering program, or to gain employment in the culinary industry.  OSBI may also provide catering jobs to Big Wave residents and non-residents.

OSBI will serve adults with special needs from all over the Bay Area.  They will also lease space for an adult day program in a separate space on campus to provide participants with continuing education, community inclusion, music, arts, and job training. Big Wave residents can opt to participate in either program or choose from many other options to spend their day.