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Farm Day: December 2014

Greetings farmers!


We are still planning on farm day this Saturday!  Come on out if it’s not raining!

When: Saturday, Dec 13th, 2014; 10-1pm

Where: at the farm! just slightly North of 333 Airport Street, HMB



1.) build a fire pit

2.) put new plastic on the green house. 


Make sure you say hi to the chickens and pick some veggies before you leave!

See you then!

-the farm team

Farm Day: November

Hello farmers and volunteers!!

It’s that time of the month again: farm day!

When: Saturday, Nov 8th, 10- 1pm 

Where: 333 N. Airport St, HMB



1. Transplant strawberries

2. Stir compost

3. Weeding ad tidying


Enjoy meeting new and old friends, say hello to the chickens and enjoy a lunch.

Suggested $5 donation for lunch. 

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Farm Day April Pictures

Hello farmers and supporters,

We had a great farm day today; thanks for making it out.  I enjoyed meeting some new people and also seeing old, good friends. It was a good mix of working hard and getting a chance to hang out, tell stories and check in with friends. 

We completed our check list including gluing decals to the coop, transplanting beans, peas and tomatoes and burying chicken wire underneath the sunflower seeds. 

Check out some of our pictures:

   100_2122   100_2138100_2153   100_2133    100_2144100_2154   100_2163   100_2143 100_2134   100_2202   100_2149 100_2155   100_2140    100_2159100_2162   100_2160   100_2171   100_2169   100_2181  100_2199   100_2192   100_2186  100_2168