Dear friends, supporters and community members,

Last Wednesday, January 14, 2015, the Big Wave Project had a public hearing with the San Mateo County Planning Commission about our request for permits for the North Project Alternative Plan.

The NPA Plan puts all buildings on the larger Northern parcel leaving the Southern parcel for wetland restoration, public parking for coastal access and a boat storage lot.  The Northern parcel would hold the Wellness Center, independent dwellings for adults with disabilities and office space for businesses.  (If you would like to learn more about the NPA, click here. )

After a five hour session of staff reports and public input, the commissioners approved the project’s request for permits, 4 to 1.  (If you would like to read the handouts that were distributed during the hearing, please click here to access the PDF files. ) We still need to wait the allowed 10 days for appeals before we are given our permits. 

Big Wave has been fighting to become a reality for 12 years. Big Wave supporters have attended 27 hearings to help the project pass. We are almost there!  Thank you for your thoughts, prayers and motivational chants to help us get to where we want to be!  Your support helped make this project a reality.

Thank you!!

The Big Wave Team 


Listen to the commissioners vote 4 to 1 and experience the big cheer that went up after the congratulations! Click here for the short, amateur video.