What is the North Project Alternative (NPA)?

The NPA is an addendum to the County approved project to address various environmental concerns that have prevented Big Wave from receiving Coastal Commission approval. The project changes reflected in the NPA resulted from a year-long negotiation between Big Wave and Committee for Green Foothills (CGF), the major environmental opponent to Big Wave.

Although neither party got everything it wanted, the concessions each provided in good faith ended in an agreement with which both are comfortable. The NPA, which ultimately we will take to the Coastal Commission for approval, addresses of the issues the Coastal Commission used in its denial of Big Wave in August, 2012.


Here are the changes included in the NPA:

The NPA moves the Big Wave Community Center to the north parcel (previously all commercial buildings). The size and the amount of people the non-profit Community Center can serve will remain the same. This will require a reduction in the for-profit commercial development to make room for the Community Center.

This reduction will reduce potential financial and employment benefits available from the for-profit commercial to the Community Center. However, the loss of revenue and jobs to the Community Center may be reduced with development rights for storage space that the Community Center will retain on part of the southern parcel.

Reduction of commercial project in NPA:

Open space: allocates 3.4 acres on the southern parcel for open space.


Any questions about these changes? Write us a letter:

P.O. Box 1901

El Granada, CA 94018

or send us an email on our contact page: https://www.bigwaveproject.org/who-we-are/contact-us/