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Farm Lunch Workshop

Are you a farm volunteer? Are you interested in volunteering at the farm? Or do you just want to know what the farm goals and objectives are?!

The farm committee is hosting a work lunch to share our mission-aligned goals, objectives to meet the goals and how you might be able to help! We are welcoming the community to join us for this workshop to cultivate ideas and volunteer for our upcoming projects.

When: Sunday, November 15th, 2015
Lunch: 1:00-2:00 pm, $5 asked to help cover lunch fees.
Workshop: 2:00-3:00 pm

Where: Mariner’s Church, 100 Stone Pine Rd, Half Moon Bay.

Please RSVP, especially if you want to come for lunch, so we will have enough food.

Farm Day 10/24 Pictures

Farm Day was a flurry of activity: A group of interesting, energetic and goal-oriented young people volunteered from Tech Soup and Terry’s Pioneer Group also made it out. We completed our entire task list and also enjoyed playing games, listening to music and hanging out. Thanks for joining us!


Farm Day February Pictures

Hello farmers!!  

Thank you so much for coming out to the farm today!  We got a lot done! Spring planting, watering and finishing the fire pit.  I hope to see all of you back for March’s farm day.  Mark your calendar, March 11.

See you then!

Farm Team


Look at some of these pictures (we were so busy, I did not have enough time to take pictures):

100_0558   100_0573   100_0569


100_0566   100_0542   100_0561







New Year Chickens

Dear friends,

This new year has blessed us with 20 new chickens for the Big Wave Farm!  Two farm volunteers, Kathy and Catherine, went on a mission to find more chickens for the farm. Keeping in mind the long term goal of creating an education garden space and the ability to be a sustainable farm-to-table farm for the Big Wave community, we are trying to expand all parts of the farm.

Kathy and Catherine made the short trip to Menlo Park to rescue 10 hens and on a different day, adventured down to South San Jose to get 10 more chickens from a residence.  

Except for one bird whom we decided to name Trouble, merging the three flocks went really well. With minor amounts of sparring, the peeking order was established quickly and without the loss of feathers. 

Here are some of our new hens:



















Wish List

The farm and garden are constantly in need of donations, both time and resources. Please help out when you can.

If this list is something you are unable to do but you still want to donate, please visit our “Donate,” page: to donate through PayPal or with a check.   Thank you so much for your support.  


Brightly colored house paint for garden signs

Organic vegetable and fruit seeds

Irrigation drip system (lines, elbows, and drippers.)

Empty egg cartons

Peat moss for 15 beds @ $15.00 each.

Compost for 15 beds @ $8.00 each.

Garden gloves (new or used.)

Gallon freezer bags

Dehydrated meal worms for chicken treats

(list edited 12/1/2015)


Questions about the list? Please email:

Jon Yoshimine at or text or call at: (650)-245-2790 

Catherine St. Marie at or text or call at: (415)-244-1594

Farm Day: December 2014

Greetings farmers!


We are still planning on farm day this Saturday!  Come on out if it’s not raining!

When: Saturday, Dec 13th, 2014; 10-1pm

Where: at the farm! just slightly North of 333 Airport Street, HMB



1.) build a fire pit

2.) put new plastic on the green house. 


Make sure you say hi to the chickens and pick some veggies before you leave!

See you then!

-the farm team

Farm Day June Pictures

Hello farmers and supporters of Big Wave!

You made it through a tough day, weeding, mulching and transplanting. Check out these awesome pictures from our work and barbecue! 

100_0070100_0067   100_0162 

2014-06-14 12.46.19   2014-06-14 12.46.23   2014-06-14 12.59.05

2014-06-14 12.46.32   2014-06-14 13.02.34   100_0190

100_0168   2014-06-14 13.14.40   2014-06-14 13.16.57   100_0094   100_0101   100_0149

100_0100    100_0114   100_0180

100_0178   100_0149   100_0173 

100_0156   100_0123   2014-06-14 13.05.50










Farm Day “Lounge,” June

Please come down and join in the fun, fellowship and community.

Learn how to ‘grow your own’, and meet the girls.

Lunch is included. Suggested donation is $5.00


When: Saturday, June 13th, 10:00-1:00 pm

Where: North 333 Airport Blvd. El Granada, Ca. 94018.

Farm Day May Pictures

Hello farmers and supporters:

Thanks for making it out today, despite the wind.  I continue to enjoy meeting new people so that was a big plus for me!  We also got a lot done!  Weeding, watering, mulching and having a good time. 

Thanks especially to those potential residents who made it out today: Lizzie, Stephanie, Thea, Matt, Vanessa, Joey and Patrick. 

Check out some pictures from today:

  100_2284  100_2254   100_2291
   100_2286  100_2288  100_2282   100_2291   100_2269 100_2219   100_2280  100_2249   100_2302   100_2303   100_2220

100_2296    100_2264   100_2291  100_2299   100_2262   100_2250  100_2265   100_2260  100_2296