Special Olympics Swim Meet at CSM

It looks like the HMB Special Olympics team had a lot of fun over the weekend. Thanks for being such a supportive coach, Holly!

Check out some of the pictures: 

IMG_6649   IMG_6681   IMG_6678IMG_6732   IMG_6705   IMG_6717    IMG_6742   IMG_6736   IMG_6797  IMG_6891   IMG_6909   IMG_6811   IMG_6825   IMG_6898   IMG_6931IMG_6735   IMG_6788   IMG_6712IMG_6737   IMG_6724   IMG_6769IMG_6919   IMG_6869   IMG_6776IMG_6771   IMG_6760   IMG_6792






[Pictures credited to Luis Enrique Bazán, USF professor and Associate Director for Global Social Justice and Community Action.]