The Big Wave Project

Dear Big Wave Supporters,


I want to thank all of our supporters of Big Wave. We had such an amazing turnout for the Wednesday hearing. We had people from all walks and locales, some people I didn’t even know, that came together for a singular, shared purpose, to help build our Big Wave community.


Well things did not go as planned. The Coastal Commission outright vetoed the project and Commissioner Blank even gave an abusive tirade about the sinister motivations of the project founders. Unfortunately he had learned nothing from the civility and the honesty that every one our speakers naturally displayed.


My day of mourning and devastation is over. It ended when I reviewed the video of our future residents and supporters speaking at the hearing. I am going to take one week to think about things as will the Big Wave team and close supporters. We will formulate the next steps we need to take for getting our project to the point of construction.  


Thank you all for your unabated support, without which Big Wave would have never gotten this far. At the next meeting let’s have 200 speakers.  


Jeff Peck