December 31, 2011


Dear Friends and Supporters,


Today is the final day of 2011. I’d like to take this opportunity to wish that all of you have the best year of your life in 2012.


Big Wave has made substantial progress in 2011. One quiet but extremely important event that took place on December 27 of 2011 was that the members of Big Wave LLC officially donated and recorded the transfer of the 5 acre Wellness Center property to Big Wave Group, the non-profit organization dedicated to building and managing the Wellness Center. I want to thank all the members of the LLC for this generous gift and for their unwavering dedication to our project.


In April of 2011 we received unanimous approval of Big Wave from the San Mateo County Board of Supervisors. As expected opponents of the project appealed the decision to the California Coastal Commission and initiated a law suit to stop the project. It may sound odd, but I’d like to give thanks to our opponents. Their opposition has energized our team. Personally, I am more dedicated to making this project work than ever before. We created an Advocacy group to enlist support for Big Wave from politicians, community organizations and businesses. We have received concrete support from fourteen different State assembly members and senators from Redding to San Diego. Jerry Hill has personally met with the Coastal Commission staff to request a fair, expeditious review of Big Wave. The one recurring comment we hear from politicians, businesses and organizations for the wellbeing of those with disabilities is, “Why would anybody be against this project? What can we do to help?” When the time comes to start building the Wellness Center we will have established an influential cadre of supporters from which to seek financial and organizational support.


On a more fun note, we officially started our Big Wave Farm in December of 2011. Over 20 volunteer farmers showed up to start the Big Wave berry vineyard. We planted 60 blueberry plants on one of the eight raised beds we have built. Check out our web page to see pictures taken by Michelle Marconi.


We are looking forward to 2012 being a milestone year for Big Wave. It will be one of our most challenging but with huge potential rewards. Thank you for being part of this.


Happy New Year,


Jeff Peck