Five Questions with Steve St. Marie, Big Wave Board Member

Five Questions with Steve St. Marie, Big Wave Board Member

1. When did you first get involved with Big Wave?

I first got involved with Big Wave in 2005 when Jeff Peck (Big Wave founder and CEO) asked me to be on the board. My family and the Pecks were neighbors when we moved to San Francisco in 1990. My daughter Catherine is about the same age as the Pecks’ daughter Elizabeth. At first, I was just doing it as a favor for my friend, but I became more invested as I watched Elizabeth and Catherine grow up.

2. What motivates you to stay involved?

As a board member, I spent a lot of time in community meetings, trying to be a voice of reason when faced with opposition to the project, and communicate why Big Wave is so important not just to the Big Wave families, but to our society as well. We are all part of the same club and we need to take care of each other.

3. What are you excited about?

I’m excited to finally build Big Wave in the next year!

4. What is one thing that you’ve learned during your time as a Big Wave board member?

Building Big Wave has taught me that not everyone understands what you’re doing the first time you try to explain it. Things must be said over and over. I’ve found that people who are opposed to the project initially just didn’t understand it – they need to be in front of it and meet the people involved to fully understand it.

5. How has your involvement with Big Wave affected you personally?

Watching Elizabeth and her friends navigate the world around them has affected my whole family. It’s taught us to be more caring and empathetic. I really think it’s made a big impact on Catherine in particular, who became a special education teacher and volunteers her time at the Big Wave farm.

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