” Alexis Wineman, Miss Montana, is to become the first autistic Miss America contestant.   Wineman will make history on Saturday night when she takes the stage at the 2013 Miss America Competition, becoming the first autistic contestants to ever participate in the pageant.

She told Fox she was diagnosed at the age of 11, with Aspergers, a mild form of Autism. She said she struggles to communicate at times. She also said she often takes things too literally.

“We cannot cure what is not a sickness,” Miss Montana says in the video. “But we can begin to understand autism, and help those with the condition to unlock the potential that lies within all of us.””


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Text taken from http://www.foxnews.com/entertainment/2013/01/10/miss-montana-alexis-wineman-to-become-first-autistic-miss-america-contestant/ Janruary 10th, 2013.