The Farm: Our mission.

We serve multiple Bay Area day programs, which are community-based programs for individuals with disabilities, served by a county regional center.  They visit and work with us on a regular schedule, helping to plant vegetables, flowers and lavender, harvest strawberries, start seeds in the greenhouse, prepare beds for planting, and are involved in chicken duties. 

Our farm-related micro-businesses support The Farm and will soon provide internships and employment opportunities for people with disabilities. Future Big Wave residents maintain the land and enjoy the natural setting while learning new skills.

Our Methods.


We use  organic farming methods as a part of our commitment to the environment. Composting is an important goal of The Farm.


Our garden is adaptable for different needs. We employ greenhouse gardening, raised and low beds, and a variety of garden methods.

Soil Conservation

We use OMRI-listed products, certified vermiculite, and Big Wave-made compost to preserve and improve the fertility of our soil.

Land Conservation

Conservation of the land is a significant goal for us.

Water Conservation

The very nature of environmentally-friendly compost is that it helps retain soil moisture, which reduces our need for water.

Food Production

We teach from the garden and we also utilize it for food production.

Farm Days: Welcoming and educating the community.

Including the community during our Farm Days encourages our neighbors and visitors to recognize the benefits of a sustainable garden and farm. This helps us safely maintain and improve The Farm.

Farm Days are held on the 2nd and 4th Saturdays of each month. We invite you to volunteer on fun projects ranging from construction of trellises and chicken coops, to planting and harvesting fruits and vegetables. 

Contact us to inquire about volunteering.

Big Wave hosts day programs.

We serve four Bay Area day programs that visit and work on a regular schedule. They help us plant vegetables and flowers, harvest strawberries, start seeds in the greenhouse, prepare beds for planting, and are involved in chicken duties.
These programs bring dozens of daily participants with special needs to the Big Wave Farm, for a total of about 250 hours a month, on average. The Farm staff help them learn gardening and life skills, science, and prepare them for employment, using a seasonally-based garden and nutrition curriculum created by a special education teacher. We will continue to serve and support many individuals with special needs. We even have a farm educator who works with our groups three times a week on garden education, science, life skills, and job training.

The Big Wave Farm Committee

Our Big Wave Farm committee members continue their education with other resources, including Garden for the Environment, Pie Ranch, CRAFT (small farmer education), Master Gardeners, and the USDA.

Our committee also collaborates with other organic farms, takes classes, and attends conferences to improve our current gardening methods.

We welcome input!

Come visit us and pick up some fresh produce and eggs!

More than five acres
are dedicated to farming and
daily garden activity.

More about the Big Wave Farm: Our story.

In 2011, we decided to farm a small plot on our Big Wave property. The intent was to learn how to grow fruits and vegetables in a sustainable manner for our upcoming residential community.

Traditional garden rows were tilled and then planted with blueberries, strawberries, and a variety of vegetables. The garden team was encouraged by the fact that there was rich soil and a plentiful source of water from a high-volume aquifer and a well.

The current farm supports raised beds, container gardening, vertical farming, and field rows for growing fruits and vegetables. Big Wave is host to several adult day programs that help participants learn about growing produce and practicing job skills. In addition, Big Wave invites visitors from nearby schools, colleges, and local corporations to experience the farm.