An emphasis on human dignity and a conviction that each person is unique and capable of growth is the key to effective developmental disabilities programs.   The Big Wave Project helps better ensure that individuals with disabilities are afforded every opportunity by…

1. Encouraging individuals to exercise an increased amount of control and choice in their lives, services and support.

2. Providing opportunities to maximize personal growth, talents and responsibilities.

3. Increasing the knowledge, skills and abilities of everyone whose actions impact the lives of people who have, or are at risk of having, a developmental disability.

4. Promoting responsibility, accountability and independence.

5. Ensuring an environment free from harm and promoting dignity and a belief in human values.


The Big Wave Project, designing a secure, nurturing, socially integrative and educationally rich environment for individuals with developmental disabilities will foster independence and sustainable living. 


Join us and help advocate for the individuals who will thrive and prosper from this community.