I drove out to the Big Wave Farm this afternoon to check on the progress of the blueberry bushes planted in the winter season.  

I stepped out of my car and was greeted by the sweet smell of grasses and hay.  It immediately reminded me of my time spent on a friend’s ranch in Oregon.  It smelled sweet and delicious, like warm summer evenings.  I crunched across the gravel driveway and made my way to the back of the field.  Everything looked as it should be.  

I check on the bushes and found them to be growing nicely.  Over the winter months they established thick, sturdy stalks and now that it has been getting warmer, they have tender, new growth shoots and leaves.  They are establishing well. 

Please with their success, i sat on my car bumper, enjoying the sweet grass smell before I had to leave.  



   Standing next to the blueberry bushes(not shown in picture) and             looking North East toward the airport and the coastal hills.



      A healthy blueberry bush that has established sturdy stalks to support future  growth.                         


 Healthy, tender, new leaves, proof that the plants are healthy and strong.

A resilient, stubborn California Poppy, the state flower, growing among the weeds near the watering hose.  


Another view of new growth.