Bill Carlson

Big Wave Group Treasurer and Board Director

Bill Carlson is a Certified Financial Planner (CFP) and founding partner of a Bay Area financial advisory firm. He develops comprehensive financial plans for his clients and is also well versed in investment strategies, retirement planning, tax optimization and other aspects of personal finance.

As an enrolled agent, Bill is a tax professional who is authorized to represent taxpayers before the IRS. In addition, he holds a California Real Estate Broker’s license and has extensive knowledge of real estate transactions and investments. Bill’s educational background, which includes a degree from San Diego State with a major in psychology, contributes to his deeper ability to understand and relate well to people including his clients. 

Bill and his wife Jeanne plan for their daughter Sarah to live at Big Wave. Sarah was disabled as the result of a malignant brain tumor and the treatment necessary to save her life. Sarah is the Big Wave resident artist and creates art that is incorporated into products for sale to the community, such as gift cards, tote bags, coasters and more.

Bill Carlson, Big Wave Group Treasurer and Board Director