BIG Big Wave news!  Big Wave reached an agreement with Committee for Green Foothills and CGF has dropped the lawsuit!  

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The Committee for Green Foothills (CGF) has agreed to dismiss its lawsuit challenging the County’s 2011 approval of the Big Wave project. The attorney for CGF stated in its letter to dismiss the lawsuit that “In the committee’s view, the NPA (North Project Alternative) as currently described by the Big Wave parties appears to satisfy the LCP requirements and address the concerns of the parties to the Coastal Commission appeal and pending lawsuits.”

Since November of 2012 Big Wave and the CGF have spent a great deal of time in negotiating a settlement. Both parties acted in good faith to achieve a global resolution during this process. The NPA satisfies environmental concerns and gives the Wellness Center what it needs to be successful.

We should give special thanks to Scott Holmes and Lennie Roberts for remaining so diligent in reaching an agreement.

Jeff Peck