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Another Day on the Farm


Hello farmers!  

The rain has been doing some good on the farm; our vegetables are growing.  Some are ready to be picked, others are  almost ready.  




 This is the last of the cabbage.  However, don’t worry, more cabbage will grow if you weren’t able to get some in the first round.



Trisha is showing me the flower on a broccoli plant.  The broccoli will be picked when the flower head is large and tight, like what you would see at the grocery store. 



The cauliflower, more developed than the broccoli, is ready to be picked.    

The Farm is Open Today!

Hello farmers and friends of Big Wave,


Are you looking for something to do today that is fun, free and local?  Well, look no further than the Big Wave Farm.  Come anywhere between 1:00-4:00.  The Farm is open today.

You can meet and greet our new residents!  If you have some food scraps including greens, you can bring that too.  (no meat, fish, onions or processed please).  They aren’t too picky, and are kid friendly.

You can also look to see what is happening down on the farm.  We are building a green house for our seed starts and tomatoes.  Strawberries are being planted today too.

Please stop by if you’re in the area.  There will be a few snacks.  If you have a snack or something to share, you can bring that, but not necessary.

 Hope to see you!

 Next a Farm Day is Saturday a March 8, from 1:00-4:00.  we will be painting the hen house, the colors of the rainbow!!!Save the date!


Farmer Jon

Farm Day Postponed

Hello farmers!

Although the rain is a blessing for California during this time of drought, we will not be having any upcoming farm days.  You can still stop by the farm to pick some leady greens and say hello to our chickens!

Stay tuned for more news!

Building Compost Bins

Jeff Peck and a local carpenter, Steven Mack, worked together on Saturday to build compost bins. Using pallets as the frames, the men constructed the bins with plastic roofing.  When the bins are completed, they will be filled with plant and food waste that will decompose into a rich, nutrient compost soil to be used on the farm.


Below are a few pictures to exemplify Jeff’s and Steven’s progress. 

2013-11-02 10.13.03    2013-11-02 09.02.29     
2013-11-02 09.03.35 2013-11-02 10.22.13



Farm Day Pictures 11/02

Thanks for braving the chilly weather to come out to farm day this past Saturday.  Although there were only a few of us, we had a good time and got a lot done. 

Check out some of the photos below.


2013-11-02 08.48.43 

Patrick and Kathy are planting lettuce 


2013-11-02 08.50.33     

The carrots are growing, but not ready yet.

2013-11-02 10.14.49   2013-11-02 08.52.14

Patrick is shoveling compost into a wine barrel before


  Joey is planting broccoli plants.

Farm Day Invite 11/02/13


There will be a regularly scheduled Farm Day this Saturday, November 2nd.  9:00-12:00 with potluck @ 12:00.  You are welcome to bring something to share if you want.  

We will fire up the BBQ and provide a green salad and drinks.

Monthly farm days will focus on farm maintenance and weeding.

Farm will open @ 9:00 with lunch served @ 12:00.

If you would like to volunteer to help bring food, food prep or farm prep, please let me know…

Thank you.


Harvest Fest 2013


Thanks for coming out and celebrating the Big Wave Project with us!  We had a really great time!  Check out some of the pictures.


(Click on the picture to see it larger.) 

 100_1843   100_1847

100_1947   100_1953

100_1929   100_1940

100_1935   100_1921


100_1915   100_1909

100_1894   100_1876

100_1867   100_1923


100_1920   100_1889

100_1917   100_1905


100_1863   100_1873

100_1922   100_1865

100_1856   100_1874

100_1924   100_1893

100_1866   100_1848

100_1864   100_1851


Farm Day Pictures

Thank you so much for coming out to Farm Day this past Saturday!  We accomplished our entire to-do list and everything looks great.  Thanks especially to Jon and Kathy for providing lunch and water.  It was good to see everyone and I hope you had as much fun as we did.


Check out some of our pictures. (Click on a picture to view it larger):



100_1781    100_1790   


100_1775 100_1783


100_1770 100_1823


100_1817  100_1818 


 100_1820  100_1728


 100_1719  100_1814


100_1767   100_1765
 100_1732  100_1828 100_1813 
 100_1825 100_1796  100_1811 


100_1778   100_1810
      100_1806  100_1742  100_1795
 100_1807  100_1730  100_1729