The Big Wave Mission

The Big Wave Project is dedicated to:

  • creating an inclusive and interactive community of people and businesses to provide a purposeful and independent life for individuals with developmental disabilities through affordable housing, meaningful employment, and a supportive community.

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In the summer of 2000, friends and business partners Steve and Jamie Barber and Jeff and Valerie Peck decided to accomplish two things: to provide a place in which individuals with developmental disabilities could reach their full potential and to provide local Coastside businesses with the commercial space to thrive and grow. It was out of these goals that the Big Wave Project was founded.    

Structure of Big Wave Group

Big Wave Group is an IRS certified tax exempt and State of California certified tax exempt 501 (c) (3) non-profit corporation. Big Wave Group is the umbrella organization that will oversee all operations of the Big Wave COmmunity Center to ensure the perpetual integrity of the mission and purpose of Big Wave. Big Wave Group will have a strong Board of Directors chosen from a cross section of financial, business, professional and educational community leaders. The Board will maintain the mission of Big Wave, hire the Executive Director (“ED”) to govern the community, and periodically review reports from the ED regarding the operations of Big Wave.

Permitting Process

 In May of 2015 Big Wave received approval for a Coastal Development Permit from the County of San Mateo and the California Coastal Commission.  Big Wave intends to start construction in the summer of 2016.

Land Donation

The partners of Big Wave LLC on December 27, 2011 officially transfered title of the 5.25 acre BIg Wave Community Center site to Big Wave Group, the non-profit organization responsible for building the Community Center. We are very thankful for this generous, major donation.

 Project Updates

 The NPA retains all the elements of the originally County approved Community Center but reduces the size of the commercial development. All construction of buildings will take place on the northern 14 acre parcel. The southern 5 acre parcel, owned by the non-profit, the original site of the Community Center, will be used for farming and boat storage which will provide needed revenue to fund the Community Center operations.

Our Goals

The Big Wave Community Center is founded on:

  • Designing a safe, nurturing, socially integrative and educationally rich environment for individuals with developmental disabilities;
  • Providing a structure for individuals with developmental disabilities to become increasingly self-sufficient and independent—or continually grow toward self-sufficiency and independence—and build meaningful lives for themselves;
  • Making financial security possible for Big Wave’s developmentally disabled residents through affordable housing and access to employment opportunities both onsite and offsite;
  • Constructing a LEED-Certified, eco-friendly project to better our environment;
  • Integrating Big Wave residents into the greater community through volunteerism, accessible transportation, employment opportunities and collaboration with existing Bay Area and Coastside service providers;
  • Diligently pursuing the mandate that the Big Wave Project shall be an important, interactive piece of the Coastside’s business and social communities.