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Big Wave Farm presents: Big Wave Lounge Planting Day

Saturday, May 10 from 10:00-1:00. 

 333 Airport Blvd.  El Granada, Ca. 94018.

$5.00 suggested donation for lunch of farm raised vegetables, fruit and egg salad sandwiches made from eggs from our chickens.

This event is an open, outreach event.   Families with developmentally disabled members and newcomers are especially encouraged to attend.

Farm Day Activities:

> plant veggies, herbs and flowers right into our new raised beds using the Square Foot Gardening method of organic, sustainable, food production.

> beautify the grounds by spreading wood chips in the community area.

> sow seeds in the greenhouse.

> eat directly from the garden and sandwiches from our own farm-raised chickens.

> connect with others in the community and share company and a good time.

> harvest some veggies to enjoy at home.

> meet our ladies (hens)

> throw some horse shoes.

> sit down and relax…

> donate to further our ability to teach our young adults how to grow and prepare their own food. 



We are currently looking to raise $50,000 in seed money for staffing, continuing ed, curriculum development and operations.

You can donate on our website or send a check to PO Box 1901 El Granada Ca. 94018.

The ‘Lounge’ theme purpose is that for our young adults to have a place to hang out and be with their friends and make new friends.  It is also an ‘incubator’ in which the young adults will be encouraged to use their gifts and abilities to serve others.

A few examples of the ‘service-based’ opportunities for farm days are as follows:
1.  Greeting and welcoming (smiles needed here)
2.  Food prep 
3.  Food service
4.  Co-project leader
5.  Farm assistant
6.  groundskeeper
7.  lounge lizard

Farm days are every 2nd Saturday of the month rain or shine.

For additional information, please call 650-245-2790.

Spread the word….!!!

Save the date!!

Big Wave Harvest Festival @ Big Wave Saturday, October 11th.

Farm Day April Pictures

Hello farmers and supporters,

We had a great farm day today; thanks for making it out.  I enjoyed meeting some new people and also seeing old, good friends. It was a good mix of working hard and getting a chance to hang out, tell stories and check in with friends. 

We completed our check list including gluing decals to the coop, transplanting beans, peas and tomatoes and burying chicken wire underneath the sunflower seeds. 

Check out some of our pictures:

   100_2122   100_2138100_2153   100_2133    100_2144100_2154   100_2163   100_2143 100_2134   100_2202   100_2149 100_2155   100_2140    100_2159100_2162   100_2160   100_2171   100_2169   100_2181  100_2199   100_2192   100_2186  100_2168




















Wish List

The farm and garden is constantly in need of donations, both time and resources. Please help out when you can.

If this list is something you are unable to do but you still want to donate, please visit our “Donate,” page: to donate through a secure webpage or with a check.   Thank you so much for your support.  


Irrigation drip system (lines, elbows, and drippers.)

Empty egg cartons

Peat moss for 15 beds @ $15.00 each.

Compost for 15 beds @ $8.00 each.

Garden gloves (new or used.)

Gallon freezer bags

Dehydrated meal worms.


Questions about the list? Please email Jon Yoshimine at or text or call at: (650)-245-2790 


Farm Day April: Grow Your Own

When: Saturday, April 12, 10:00 am

Where: 333 Airport Blvd. El Granada, CA 94018


Hello farmers!

Come on down to the farm and see what’s been going on! Introduction to Square Foot Gardening, sow seeds and label your own plants.   Also, meet the hens!  On farm days, the girls are let out and allowed to walk free range around the farm. 

Come enjoy the fun.  See you then!

-The Big Wave Farmers


Farm Day Pictures 03/2014

Thanks for joining us for Farm Day this month!  

Weeding? check!

Chicken coop painted? check!

planting new seeds? check!

Having a good time? check!


Check out some pictures:

100_2004            100_2005    
100_2009   100_2007
100_2011   100_2014

Another Day on the Farm


Hello farmers!  

The rain has been doing some good on the farm; our vegetables are growing.  Some are ready to be picked, others are  almost ready.  




 This is the last of the cabbage.  However, don’t worry, more cabbage will grow if you weren’t able to get some in the first round.



Trisha is showing me the flower on a broccoli plant.  The broccoli will be picked when the flower head is large and tight, like what you would see at the grocery store. 



The cauliflower, more developed than the broccoli, is ready to be picked.    

The Farm is Open Today!

Hello farmers and friends of Big Wave,


Are you looking for something to do today that is fun, free and local?  Well, look no further than the Big Wave Farm.  Come anywhere between 1:00-4:00.  The Farm is open today.

You can meet and greet our new residents!  If you have some food scraps including greens, you can bring that too.  (no meat, fish, onions or processed please).  They aren’t too picky, and are kid friendly.

You can also look to see what is happening down on the farm.  We are building a green house for our seed starts and tomatoes.  Strawberries are being planted today too.

Please stop by if you’re in the area.  There will be a few snacks.  If you have a snack or something to share, you can bring that, but not necessary.

 Hope to see you!

 Next a Farm Day is Saturday a March 8, from 1:00-4:00.  we will be painting the hen house, the colors of the rainbow!!!Save the date!


Farmer Jon

Farm Day Postponed

Hello farmers!

Although the rain is a blessing for California during this time of drought, we will not be having any upcoming farm days.  You can still stop by the farm to pick some leady greens and say hello to our chickens!

Stay tuned for more news!