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California Coastal Commission Decision and Our Response

The Big Wave Project

                    A live/work community that fosters independence for


                                       adults with developmental disabilities




September 5, 2012


Re: California Coastal Commission Decision and Our Response


Dear Supporters:


On August 8th the Commission issued its decision to kill our project. To reach its decision the Commissioners ignored the six year County process that led to unanimous approval, a 6,000 page environmental impact report, and overwhelming community support. Ninety-four of our supporters gave up an entire day to attend the hearing. Sixty-seven of our supporters from all walks of life offered eloquent and honest testimony on why our project was so important not only to the Coastside but as a model to communities throughout California and our entire country. The Commissioners however not only ignored our overwhelming support but one commissioner, Blank, gave a long monologue in which he impugned the motivations of the project founders and parents who have dedicated their lives and fortunes to provide a financially sound project for our most disadvantaged. The one thing that became obvious in the comments from the Commissioners is that they based their decision on something other than the facts.


The decision by the Coastal Commission has by no means killed Big Wave. The partners in Big Wave LLC have already started the process to move forward with a law suit. We also will be increasing our outreach to the community, other government agencies and legislators. Although we would rather be allocating funds to directly provide a better life for those with disabilities, the Coastal Commission’s decision to outright kill the project instead of negotiating a reasonable solution has forced us into this position.


We will keep all of you updated as we move through this process and we welcome your continued support which we will need now more than ever.




Jeff Peck

Big Wave Farm Day 9/’12


 Hello farmers!

Thanks for supporting the farm by making it out this month to weed!  We removed more than 10 wheel barrow full loads of weeds.  Now that the weeds are removed, we can begin to put down the bark mulch to prevent this many weeds from growing.

 Check out the pictures below, including the before and after pictures of the vegetables.





Join us for the 6th Annual Harvest Festival

Join us for the 6th Annual Big Wave Harvest Festival


You’re invited to a fun-filled autumn celebration with friends, family and supporters of the Big Wave Project. 

This event will feature activities that are fun for all ages! Activities include arts and crafts, planting, group games, pie eating contests, an old-fashioned cake walk, silent auction, raffle, live music and dancing.

Don’t forget to purchase the perfect Halloween pumpkin from Big Wave’s bountiful pumpkin harvest!





When: Saturday, September 29th, 2012 from 1:00pm-5:00pm.

Where: Big Wave property in Princeton-by-the-Sea (near 333 Airport Street).  See below for map and directions.

Questions: Contact Kim at or call (415)-517-9447.


Event Details and Announcements 

Please help with this year’s event!  Big Wave’s Harvest Fest is only made possible by the help, creativity and dedication of our volunteers. Contact Kim at or call (415)-517-9447 to learn more about volunteering this year’s fest.  


We have some fun items for this year’s auction, including gift certificates to local hotels and restaurants, hand-made jewelry, artwork, wine, tickets to Disneyland, Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk and more!     



Please bring a side dish to share. Last name A-M, please bring a side (ex. Chips, nuts, rice, raw or steamed veggies, cut fruit) and N-Z, a salad (ex. Potato, leafy greens, fruit) Consider bringing something gluten free as there will be a separate table for gluten free dishes.


Big Wave will provide hamburgers, hot dogs, vege burgers and all the fixings, plus pumpkin pie for dessert! 



Bring a creative, homemade cake for the Cake Walk.  Everyone can participate, fun for all ages!    



This year Tehya, a talented group who performs in the local area, will be our guest musicians. Tehya incorporates classic rock and blues music that encourages you to sing along and dance the afternoon away     




Reflection After CCC Meeting

The Big Wave Project

Dear Fellow Big Wave Advocates,

I have a lot of feelings about yesterday’s CCC meeting.
The feeling that stands out to me the most is pride. Pride in our group, of all who came to the meeting yesterday. Of those who spoke in front of the commissioners and the crowd so articulately and accurately.
Of those who spoke from the heart.
Of all of us who treated the opposition with civility.
Of those who couldn’t be with us yesterday and have supported Big Wave all along.
I’m proud to stand next to you literally and figuratively.
I don’t know what’s next, but I am glad that my family does not stand alone.
Karen Holmes

Big Wave Farm Day 8/’12 Pictures

A big “thank you” to all the farmers who were able to make it out to August’s Farm Day!  It was a joy to see that our hard work on the farm is paying off; the radishes are ready to harvest!


Here are some pictures from the day







Posted by Catherine

Coastal Commission Hearing

The Big Wave Project

July 20, 2012
Dear Big Wave Team,
We are officially on the California Coastal Commission August 2012 Draft Agenda August 8, 2012.  We wanted you to be the first to know before we sent out notices to all of our supporters. Feel free to contact all potential supporters of Big Wave to attend this crucial meeting and start thinking what you want to say.


We will be sending out updates to you whenever we hear or see something substantial from the Commission staff. In addition we will send you a list of people or agencies whose support of the project could help educate the Commissioners.
We have not yet decided what time our supporters should show up at the hearing.
The Hearing will be held as follows:
Santa Cruz County
Board of Supervisors Chambers
701 Ocean Street
Santa Cruz, CA 95060
Time Hearing opens: 9:00 A.M.
Agenda Item 16, New Appeals, North Central Coast District
Thank you all so much,
Jeff Peck



Big Wave Farm Day 6/’12

Hi farmers!
The next Big Wave Farm Day is this coming up this Saturday, June 2nd at the Big Wave property. We’ll be there at 8 am and will be working all day.  Please join in the fun and get there as early or whenever you can.  
We will be planting, weeding, watering and getting dirty!  Please bring gloves and a trowel if you have them. 
Refreshments will be served, naturally.

Hope to see you on Saturday! 




Written by Catherine