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Press Release: Next Step


Press Contact:
Jeff Peck
(415) 999-0145

California Coastal Commission Sued by Coastal Families of Individuals with Special Needs
Big Wave, LLC and the Big Wave Group File Legal Actions Against the California Coastal Commission
SAN MATEO, CA – OCTOBER 4, 2012 –A local non-profit, the Big Wave Group and Big Wave, LLC, and Devon Yoshimine filed complaints against the California Coastal Commission (“CCC”) today. Both suits are related to the Coastal Commission’s decision to revoke the Coastal Development Permit issued by the County of San Mateo to create the Big Wave Project – a privately funded project designed around the needs of adults with special needs.

“Our organization is dedicated to providing housing and work opportunities, in a sheltered environment, for developmentally disabled adults,” said founder, Jeff Peck. “Typically, as parents of these adults age and become unable to care for them, the developmentally delayed become a burden to the public. By developing this program, with both housing and work opportunities, we create a system where they are able to give back to their community. After seven years of working tirelessly to vet the program through a grueling and thorough permit process, we’ve been forced to take legal action. It is our hope the courts will see the clear benefits of such a solution – and prevent this ongoing discrimination by the Coastal Commission.”

The complaints filed today include a Petition for Writ of Administrative Mandamus and for Declaratory Relief challenging the Coastal Commissions actions in San Mateo County Superior Court.
Additionally, Devon Yoshimine, as a representative of a Class consisting of developmentally disabled persons is filing complaints with the California Department of Fair Employment and Housing (DFEH) for violation of the California Fair Employment and Housing Act (FEHA) by the California Coastal Commission for its denial of Big Wave’s Permit. The complaints allege that the CCC’s denial results in illegal discrimination against developmentally disabled persons as it denies them equal access to housing and employment. In response to a public records request the CCC could not identify any housing project it had approved for affordable housing for the developmentally disabled in its forty year history.

Big Wave Project
Big Wave is a privately funded innovative project to provide housing and work opportunities in a sheltered environment for persons with developmentally disabilities. These individuals require special services throughout their lives. All too often, however, this responsibility and public duty is left unfulfilled and these special needs citizens are left to cope on their own.
The Big Wave Project is two synergistic developments zoned for commercial use west of the Half Moon Bay Airport. A five-acre parcel on the southern portion of the property, the Wellness Center, will provide 57 condominium units exclusively for the developmentally disabled.

Legal Challenges
Big Wave has been thoroughly vetted during a six-year permit process within San Mateo County, after an extensive review which generated a 5,000 page Final Environmental Impact Report. The Planning Commission approved the project and issued a Coastal Development Permit (CDP).
After opponents appealed, the San Mateo County Board of Supervisors held additional hearings on the project and unanimously determined that the Planning Commission acted properly and sustained the CDP. During the appeal, the Supervisors commended the project for using private resources to address a public social responsibility and for addressing the need for commercial office space on the San Mateo coast. The writ of mandamus filed today contends that the Coastal Commission acted illegally in revoking the CDP granted by the County of San Mateo and in so doing violated The California Coastal Act.

About the Big Wave Project
Founded in 2000 by Steve and Jamie Barber and Jeff and Valerie Peck, the Big Wave Project will provide a place where individuals with developmental disabilities are able to reach their full potential while providing local coast-side businesses with the commercial space to thrive and grow. Big Wave Group is a non-profit group, led by a Board of Directors chosen from a cross section of community leaders. For more information, please visit or call 415-999-0145 or email

Big Wave Farm Day 9/’12


 Hello farmers!

Thanks for supporting the farm by making it out this month to weed!  We removed more than 10 wheel barrow full loads of weeds.  Now that the weeds are removed, we can begin to put down the bark mulch to prevent this many weeds from growing.

 Check out the pictures below, including the before and after pictures of the vegetables.





Letter to Supporters

The Big Wave Project

Dear Big Wave Supporters,


I want to thank all of our supporters of Big Wave. We had such an amazing turnout for the Wednesday hearing. We had people from all walks and locales, some people I didn’t even know, that came together for a singular, shared purpose, to help build our Big Wave community.


Well things did not go as planned. The Coastal Commission outright vetoed the project and Commissioner Blank even gave an abusive tirade about the sinister motivations of the project founders. Unfortunately he had learned nothing from the civility and the honesty that every one our speakers naturally displayed.


My day of mourning and devastation is over. It ended when I reviewed the video of our future residents and supporters speaking at the hearing. I am going to take one week to think about things as will the Big Wave team and close supporters. We will formulate the next steps we need to take for getting our project to the point of construction.  


Thank you all for your unabated support, without which Big Wave would have never gotten this far. At the next meeting let’s have 200 speakers.  


Jeff Peck  

Big Wave Farm Day 8/’12 Pictures

A big “thank you” to all the farmers who were able to make it out to August’s Farm Day!  It was a joy to see that our hard work on the farm is paying off; the radishes are ready to harvest!


Here are some pictures from the day







Posted by Catherine

Coastal Commission Hearing

The Big Wave Project

July 20, 2012
Dear Big Wave Team,
We are officially on the California Coastal Commission August 2012 Draft Agenda August 8, 2012.  We wanted you to be the first to know before we sent out notices to all of our supporters. Feel free to contact all potential supporters of Big Wave to attend this crucial meeting and start thinking what you want to say.


We will be sending out updates to you whenever we hear or see something substantial from the Commission staff. In addition we will send you a list of people or agencies whose support of the project could help educate the Commissioners.
We have not yet decided what time our supporters should show up at the hearing.
The Hearing will be held as follows:
Santa Cruz County
Board of Supervisors Chambers
701 Ocean Street
Santa Cruz, CA 95060
Time Hearing opens: 9:00 A.M.
Agenda Item 16, New Appeals, North Central Coast District
Thank you all so much,
Jeff Peck



First Sprouts from July’s Farm Day

Hello farmers!

Here are some pictures of our first sprouts splitting the earth to make their way to the surface.  They were planted during the last Farm Day, July 7th, less than one week ago. 

[Click on the pictures to view them larger!]


 Thank you Kathy and Max for your perfectly timed daily misting of our Big Wave crops.  Steve, thanks for showing up to drill the strategic watering holes.


 [Watering the seeds at the farm.]





Posted by Catherine

Big Wave Farm Day 7/’12 Pictures

Hello farmers!

Thanks for working so diligently on the farm last Saturday!  There are no weeds to be seen and the new irrigation system is all in place and ready for use.  

Please join us for the next farm day, August 4, 2012.  


Here are some pictures to remember the day!



Posted by Catherine 

Wildlife Watch: Local Coyote

A new resident has recently moved into the area near the farm.  This new resident, a coyote, has been seen around dusk and helps keep the natural food web in balance, eating wild rabbits and stray cats living nearby.  He is usually spotted near or in the wetlands and willows that line the back edge of the property.  

Drive by the farm one evening and see if you can spot him!

Unfortunately, I have yet to capture him on camera, but with persistent visits, I hope I will in the near future.  



Farm Update

     It was another beautiful weekend at the Big Wave farm.  Many volunteers showed up for the farm day, which occurs every first Saturday of each month, and worked hard at preparing and keeping the land in good shape. 


  [Future vegetable beds]

      Irrigation systems were installed and planting beds were prepared    for their vegetable seeds.  This month, many vegetable seeds will be planted including: radishes, carrots, corn and leafy greens.  Blackberry bushes, a special variety from Oregon, will be planted at the trellis beds.         



Board of Directors, Stephen St. Marie, and Big Wave President, Jeff Peck, stand among the rows of bedding and discuss the farm and upcoming events.   



[large wire trellises for black berry bushes]



Written by Catherine 


Big Wave Farm Day 6/’12 Pictures

Hello farmers!

Thank you for coming out last Saturday, June 2nd, to support the farm!  It was great to see everyone especially as we worked together toward our goal for a healthy, productive farm.  

Please stay tuned for more farm updates and events!


Here are some pictures from the day:








Written by Catherine