Author: Catherine

Farm Day (September)

Big Wave Farm Day   

September 7th from 8:00-3:00PM. 

Come down, have fun, pitch in! 

All ages welcome! 

Tentative projects 
-Prep soil, build tee pees and plant peas and beans.  Lay circle of antique bricks. 
-Clear growing basin around berries and install bender board to protect plants 
-Transplant blueberries 
-Training and tying blackberries (eating too.  If any are ripe) 
-Help install pavers for wheelchair path 

We will have a light lunch @ 12:30  
Recommend bringing your own work gloves and tools.  (we have tools, but may not have enough to go around) 

Questions?  Please contact Jon @ (650) 245-2790 or

BBQ Pictures

Thank you so much for coming to the BBQ on Sunday!  Check out some of the pictures.




  130804_0014 130804_0008  





  130804_0007 130804_0006  



BBQ this Sunday

When: Sunday 8/4; 12 noon

Where: BW property

Why?: Why not?

Come hang out on Sunday for a causal BBQ at the farm. Catch up with friends and see all the progress on the farm. Before you leave, feel free to pick some leafy greens and herbs for your kitchen.

No RSVP needed, however, BYO hot dogs/hamburgers and buns.

See you out there!


New Planter Boxes

The new, raised, planter boxes are a great addition to the farm!  Easy to tend because of their height, the frames allow the growing to be more controlled and easier to maintain with watering and weeding.   

Right now, the boxes are filled with leafy greens, herbs and tomato plants that grow well in the fog.

(Click on the image to view it larger.)


 planter box         young tomato plant 
planter box example     young tomato plant


The black berry bushes are establishing well and producing fruit.

black berry          row of black berry    
close up of black berries rows of black berry bushes

First Autistic Miss America Contestant

” Alexis Wineman, Miss Montana, is to become the first autistic Miss America contestant.   Wineman will make history on Saturday night when she takes the stage at the 2013 Miss America Competition, becoming the first autistic contestants to ever participate in the pageant.

She told Fox she was diagnosed at the age of 11, with Aspergers, a mild form of Autism. She said she struggles to communicate at times. She also said she often takes things too literally.

“We cannot cure what is not a sickness,” Miss Montana says in the video. “But we can begin to understand autism, and help those with the condition to unlock the potential that lies within all of us.””


Click the link to read more and watch her video at:


Text taken from Janruary 10th, 2013.



BW Residents as Adovcates

Future Big Wave residents have stepped forward, wanting to be advocates for this great project.


Here is a picture of the gang at Sacramento, CA, fighting for The Big Wave Project.

 (Click on the picture to view it larger.)


Be an Advocate!

All of us who support people with disabilities are in some way advocates for them.  It is this role that allows us to exercise and promote the philosophy and values of The Big Wave Project.

As a supportive group of people, we should all work to relate to the individuals in a way that assists in meeting their needs.  Our role, in the sense, is to help the community in general to better understand and develop healthy, informed attitudes about and toward people with disabilities. 

In order for individuals with disabilities to be treated with dignity and respect, it is important for them to be integrated into community settings.


Advocacy IS:

  1. Building confidence so individuals can help themselves
  2. Supporting efforts toward independence
  3. Providing necessary tools for appropriate decisions and actions
  4. Hel[ping individuals have their rights recognized

Advocacy is NOT:

  1. Taking over a person’s life/problem and making all the decisions
  2. Squelching efforts of self help
  3. Reinforcing feelings of helplessness and dependence
  4. Making excuses for unavailability or inadequacy or services
  5. Accepting status quo when legislation is not implemented
  6. Accepting unavailability and inadequacy of services


Help the team advocate for the individuals with developmental disabilities and support our values, designing a secure, nurturing, socially integrative and educationally rich environment for individuals with developmental disabilities!

BW Affords Opportunity for Adults with Developmental Disabilities

An emphasis on human dignity and a conviction that each person is unique and capable of growth is the key to effective developmental disabilities programs.   The Big Wave Project helps better ensure that individuals with disabilities are afforded every opportunity by…

1. Encouraging individuals to exercise an increased amount of control and choice in their lives, services and support.

2. Providing opportunities to maximize personal growth, talents and responsibilities.

3. Increasing the knowledge, skills and abilities of everyone whose actions impact the lives of people who have, or are at risk of having, a developmental disability.

4. Promoting responsibility, accountability and independence.

5. Ensuring an environment free from harm and promoting dignity and a belief in human values.


The Big Wave Project, designing a secure, nurturing, socially integrative and educationally rich environment for individuals with developmental disabilities will foster independence and sustainable living. 


Join us and help advocate for the individuals who will thrive and prosper from this community.